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About Us

The mission of Poseidon Waterproofing LLC is to partner with homeowners and help you restore your peace of mind by solving all your basement and crawl space problems. From small leaks and seepage to large foundation repairs, Poseidon Waterproofing LLC has the experience, trained technicians, and the latest products to handle any foundation job. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction from your first contact with us until the final clean up. Our goal is to establish long lasting relationships with homeowners by exceeding your expectations and gaining your trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.

Poseidon Waterproofing LLC will always use the latest technology and the best products to help serve all of our customers needs. We promise to give the highest quality services at a reasonable investment.

What is important to us?

Integrity, professionalism, and fairness in our relationships with homeowners! Poseidon Waterproofing LLC takes pride in our relationships with our customers.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Why Safebasements™?

Poseidon Waterproofing, LLC is the only SafeBasement™ authorized dealer in Pennsylvania.

The SafeBasements™ dealer network is a group of carefully selected foundation repair contractors working to only offer the best products and services. Safebasements™ only accepts members that pass strict requirements and agree to fulfill ongoing educational training and maintain an excellent reputation in their service areas. Not just any repair contractor can become a member. SafeBasements™ qualifies each contractor to ensure proper and efficient installation for all their basement and foundation repair products. All SafeBasements™ products are patented and only available through our dealers.

Many of our competitors are more marketing driven companies, offering very slick collateral material, large teams of sales results based dealers. The SafeBasement™ opinion is they would rather have a small group of very well trained foundation experts than a huge dealer network of both good and not so good members.

SafeBasement™ dealers treat every customer’s project as a unique situation that requires a full assessment and proper analysis to ensure the “best” solution for each project.

The reason SafeBasements™ does not allow just anyone to purchase their products is that proper installation is a vital part of products working properly. We know that improper use of a product can not only frustrate or disappoint a consumer but it can also be very counterproductive in fixing a problem with your basement or foundation. Fixing one problem improperly can often lead to creating another.

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