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Bowed Wall Repair

If you have a bowing basement wall, it can be a frightening situation that seems like it may be beyond repair. The reality is that many basement walls are afflicted by bowing or buckling in our area. The bowing is often a result of the backfilled soil holding excess water which increases the pressure on the wall from the outside. As the walls push inward, cracks will form which can cause you to have a basement water issue and the entire project can seem overwhelming. Whether you have a concrete block wall, a brick wall, or a poured concrete wall, we have a repair solution that we can use to straighten the walls and prevent future bowing issues. It is important that homeowners understand what causes bowing walls, the different methods we use to fix a bowing wall, and what the eventual impact is of that repair. This will allow you to be comfortable with the repairs and know you will not have future problems.

Problem: Bowing Basement Walls

Bowing basement walls are a sever case of foundation failure where the wall has become visible bowed inward towards the living area of the basement. This is caused by excess hydrostatic pressure from the outside pushing against the wall. This symptom is related to waterproofing problems where water is not drained and seeps into clay rich soil surrounding your basement. As soil continues to soak up water, pressure increases over time and begins to apply an enormous amount of pressure. Eventually the wall caves and bows threatening the structural integrity of your home.

Bowed walls are more common for mason built walls where the mortar is the weakest point and easily broken with this problem. With traditional poured foundation walls horizontal cracks are an early warning sign. Our team will be able to properly identify and pinpoint which issue is the most prominent as every project is unique with variable conditions. Let the experts at Poseidon Waterproofing evaluate your basement walls and help implement the best repair possible.

Click here to watch an educational video about hydrostatic pressure and how it effects your basement.

Solution: Bowed Wall Repair

SafeBase™ Wall Anchors

Our SafeBase™ wall anchor system SafeBasements™ patented wall anchor system fixes bowed basement walls. The purpose of the wall anchor is to restore lateral strength to the wall, also allowing you to pull the wall straight using the natural expansion and contraction of the soil. Wall anchors are installed to drive the effected area out past the active, shifting earth at an angle. Wall Anchors are able to supply supplemental lateral force to stabilize your bowed, tilting basement walls at your home.

SafeBase™ Carbon Fiber®

We use SafeBase™ carbon fiber wall supports to repair bowing walls and prevent them from bowing any more. This patented system is the strongest on the market as it ties the foundation base to the house framing. Secured on both the top with a sill plate and at the bottom in the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin, this system will not break down over time and ensures lasting control of the pressure from the outside. This will work on both block and poured foundation walls, requires no digging into the yard, is quick and clean to install, and can be painted over once cured.

Contact Us for Bowed Wall Repair

If your basement or foundation walls are bowing inward, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by completing our online contact form or calling us at 724-717-6360. We will inspect the bowing walls and provide you with a breakdown of the repair options available.

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