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Sagging Floor Repair

A crawlspace is responsible for a large portion of a home including support structure for the entire first floor. This support structure consists of a series of floor joists and beams that can be seriously affected by high levels of humidity and excess moisture. When the floor joists are exposed to high levels of humidity for extended periods of time, they can begin to sag in the center and are unable to support the floor above. If you’ve got sagging floors in your home, there is only one way to fix the issue. This consists of encapsulating the crawlspace to control the moisture and then installing a series of stabilizers to lift and level the floor. Once the humidity is being controlled and the stabilizers are installed, the joists will no longer sag and the floor above will be flat again.

Problem: Sagging Floors

Sagging floors are a symptom of support beams underneath your home starting to fail. This is caused by mold and woodrot which deteriorate wood frames, floor boards, and wooden supports. Mold and woodrot come from damp, moist air and wet crawlspace environments that overtime can begin to break down the materials. This also includes concrete materials which can crack or crumble after many years. The main suspect for sagging floors will be the immediate support structure itself: floor joists- which hold the entire weight of the framework underneath your home.

wood rot

Solution: Crawlspace Repair and Humidity Control

SafeBasements™ Crawl Space Stabilizers

Our expertly designed crawl space stabilizers are installed quickly and provide the support needed to return your first floor to being level, safe, and stable. We can also install an encapsulation system that includes floor and wall liners, dehumidifiers, sump pumps, and more. All of our products work together in unison to keep the space below your home safe and dry. A sealed crawl space means you will never have to worry about moisture damage beneath your home.

Other products that will assist other water related problems:

  • SafeBasements™ Healthy Living Encapsulation System
  • SafeBasements™ Crawl Space Sump Pumps
  • Santa Fe™ Max Dry Dual XT
SafeBasements™ Crawl Space Stabilizers

Contact Us for Sagging Floor Repair Solutions

Sagging floors can be dangerous for people walking and an indicator for other problems in the crawl space. If you’ve noticed sagging or sloping floors, you can set up an appointment with us by completing our online contact form or calling us at 724-717-6360. One of our experts will come out to inspect the floors and crawl space to determine the cause and provide you with a repair solution.

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