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Crawlspace Encapsulation

If you have a crawlspace under your home, it is important to keep it free from flooding, high humidity, and pest infestations. There are a number of crawl space issues that can result from excess moisture such as the growth of mold, sagging floors above the area, and rotting floor joists and supports. One of the most guaranteed ways to prevent all of these issues is to have a professionally installed encapsulation system added to the home. An encapsulation system, when installed by an experienced encapsulation contractor, will not only prevent flooding from happening but it will also reduce the overall humidity levels in the home, help your heating and cooling system run more efficiently, and increase the overall level of comfort in the home. This system will also prevent mold growth and help make your home safer for everyone.

Problem: Wet Crawlspace

Wet crawlspaces is a serious problem for homeowners. It causes many issues due to the nature of combined water and wood underneath your home. Moisture, damp cold air, and humidity are hazards for crawlspace areas. If you have no sealing underneath the floor boards and support beams you can suffer from mold and mildew which deteriorate key structural components for your home. In more extreme conditions mold will also become a hazard for your family breathing in harsh airborne particles that can lead to sickness. Water in your crawlspace can also cause problems with the structural integrity of your home. While support beams and floor boards can diminish over time, there is also the threat of foundation problems if your crawlspace was installed with any concrete slab work. Much like foundation settlement, water must be dealt with to prevent future damages.


If you notice any of the following warning signs, please contact us as soon as you can to schedule a consultation with our team of professionals:

  • You smell musty and moldy odors on the first and second floor of your home
  • The first floor of your home is sagging in certain areas or feels un-level
  • You notice puddles around the crawl space outside your home
  • You have a frequent bug infestation – they could potentially be coming up from the crawl space area

Solution: Crawlspace Water Control & Prevention

SafeBasements™ Healthy Living Encapsulation System

We use the tried and true Healthy Living Encapsulation System from SafeBasements™ to seal and repair the area under your home. When your crawlspace isn’t sealed it has the possibility to have moisture, excessive humidity, and unwanted critters all cause issues in your home. We will install a heavy duty, white vapor barrier on the walls and floor of the crawlspace. This will permanently seal the area from the outside to keep it dry and healthy. Prevention of excess moisture will prevent mold and wood rot.

Once the vapor barrier is installed and the area is encapsulated, we will install a special drain system designed to improve water drainage underneath the floor liner. Thanks to its 100% polypropylene design, it will never experience problems with moisture damage unlike other systems on the market. Since every home is different we have different liners available to fit your home’s needs.

SafeBasements™ Healthy Living Encapsulation System

SafeBasements™ Crawl Space Sump Pumps

For extra protection against leaks, we install a sump pump to remove any excess water under your home. It is installed quickly and features a pit or “basket” that accumulated water is stored in. Once water inside the pit reaches a certain level, it is pumped out away from your home to a drain located a safe distance from your foundation.

Contact Us for Crawl Space Encapsulation

Flooding or excess humidity in the crawl space can be a serious problem so if you have any crawl space water issues, please reach out to us by completing our online contact form or calling us at 724-717-6360. We will inspect the crawl space and determine the best course of action for encapsulation.

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