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Operating in and around Western Pennsylvania

Experiencing leaks, floods, or seepage problems in your basement? Trust the professionals at Poseidon Waterproofing.

Experiencing any foundation related problems? We offer a free evaluation and consultation, with no strings attached.

Make sure you have the proper systems in place to safeguard against deterioration from the inside out.

Why Poseidon Waterproofing?

The Poseidon Waterproofing mission is clear – To bring to homeowners in western Pennsylvania the superior level of customer service and reliable products we have become known for.

We use the Best In Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Products, Manufactured In The U.S.A.- While our competitors will use various products from different manufacturers, we use the industry leading systems available from SafeBasements™. As a local and certified contractor we provide reliable methods for assessing the core issues with foundations, basements, and crawl spaces, commonly found in Pennsylvania homes. With SafeBasements™ patented repair systems and our professional ‘Gold Standard’ we guarantee effective solutions for water prevention and control.

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